1/4 of the way to 1,000,000m

So we have made it through the first 3 months of the year. Feb-Mar 2020 will not soon be forgotten. Everywhere you look there is something about the Coronavirus. Luckily for me Sweden is taking a more scientific approach and leaving politics out of the decision making. So while many of you are on lockdown...

332972 31 mars 18:13

Health Assessment

My gym has an intern from a local college working for two weeks, and as a part of his internship he was offering health assessments. So I contacted him directly and booked a time on his first day. I have done this kind of test, or something similar twice before. Once back in 2013 on […]

332972 25 mars 13:56

How my taper effected my million meter challenge

So I did it, I managed to keep my taper plans. It took more will power to follow through with it considering there was no Swedish Nationals to taper for. But luckily for me, my swimmers were up for some practice races and I managed not only to reduce my swimming, but cut back in […]

332972 23 mars 10:28

My first taper of 2020

It’s actually been a long time since I was in such good shape that I needed to taper, or even was interested in tapering my workouts prior to a race. Last summer I swam though the summer with no real taper before my long swim. The last 4-5 Swedish Nationals have also fallen in a […]

332972 11 mars 13:21

1,000,000m update thru Feb

Since it is easier for me to report updates based on Monday to Sunday, February’s update includes the 1st of March. For the first time since I started this challenge I skipped my fifth swim of the week. I had already reached my feb goal and I knew I would reach my week goal after […]

332972 1 mars 16:20

Week 7 – “halfway” thru Feb

It’s a leap year, which means and extra training this month, and we’re just over halfway thru February. It’s been three weeks with with two hour Sunday swimming and I’m starting to feel the effects of my long training weeks. My shoulders are sore and swimming doesn’t feel as good on Sunday’s as it does...

332972 16 februari 18:45

Swimming, swimming and more swimming

Swimming, swimming and more swimming. If you have been reading my bloggs lately you might have gotten the impression that all I do is swim. But in fact swimming is only half of what I try to do these days. I also try to make my crossfit classes five times a week, I go to […]

332972 6 februari 17:00

1 Million Meter – January update

As you know I took on the 1,000,000 m Challenge 2020, or 1000 km, or in Swedish a 100 mil. It was a rough start to the year with a slow start to the swim year with less than 10km the first week, but with Thursday night’s medley workout and Friday the 31st solo swim […]

332972 1 februari 15:57

Two weeks into 2020

Yesterday my 1,000 km challenge group asked for us to update on our progress. Wow! Amazing how far people have managed to swim after only 15 days. I am not really on track if you compare me to the weekly or monthly averages, but I know I will get my extra kilometers in once I […]

332972 16 januari 08:56

1,000,000m Swimming 2020

I was happy with my 2020 goal to swim 800km in 2020.  Its an average of about 2.2km/day, or 15.4km/week. It would have also been an increase from around 725km from 2011 and 2012.  But yesterday I got trick into reading about others that were shooting for 1,000,000m in 2020. It sounded like a lot, […]

332972 13 januari 09:08